Grants Available From the Parish Council

The Ansley Parish Council Small Grants scheme provides up to £1000 per annum to assist projects carried out by any local community group with their own bank account.


Applicants will have to satisfy the following  eligibility conditions to be considered for a grant:

  1. All projects must provide a benefit for some or all of the residents of Ansley Parish.
  2. Bids should be for one-off projects that provide lasting benefits to the community.  Projects that require on-going funding will only be considered if there is a clear and realistic plan of how they will be funded after the initial contribution from the Parish Council.  Any project will receive funding once only, but organisations that have previously received a grant are able to apply for further grants in respect of other projects.
  3. Some form of public consultation must be carried out and evidence supplied to   the  Parish Council to prove there is a need for the proposed project.


Application Process

  1. Awards can be for up to 100% of the total fund available and no match funding is necessary.
  2. Applications must be returned on the printed application form attached to this guidance note.
  3. The size of the boxes on the application form should be taken as a guide to the level of detail required.  If there is insufficient space available on any part of the application form it is permissible to use a supplementary sheet.  Applicants are free to submit any additional information they wish in support of their application, but this will not usually be necessary.
  4. A minimum of three quotes need to be enclosed with your application, and if the cheapest quote is not selected the reasons for this should be given on a separate sheet.
  5. Applications to the fund will be considered in April each year, and applications need to be sent to the Clerk at the address below by the end of the March. If there are insufficient applications to award the whole budget, then the money will be carried over for 6 months and a further round of applications will be invited in October of the same year. Please check our website at to check if this is applicable.
  6. A decision will be given in writing and the decision of the council is final.
  7. If successful, community groups will be sent a cheque payable to themselves on submission of an invoice. Once the invoice is received the council will sign the cheque at their next meeting which will be up to 4 weeks away. We therefore recommend that applicants seek prior approval from their suppliers to make sure they are willing to wait up to 5 weeks for the invoice to be paid. Alternatively, if you have sufficient reserves available you may wish to pay the invoice first yourselves, then the Council will reimburse you as per the above guidelines.
  8. Any balance left over from the previous year will form part of the £1000 grant for the next financial year starting on 1st April.
  9. The fund is made available at the council’s discretion and may be withdrawn at any time.

Download an application form here

For further information or advice on how to make an application:

Please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council on 02476 394670.

Please send your completed application form to:

The Clerk

Ansley Parish Council

17 Blake Close

Galley Common


CV10 9RQ