LEY Group Young People's Project

The Ley Group was set up about two years ago, and Ansley Parish Council support them with a small quarterly donation as we think activities for young people are very important. The original name "Ley"  was chosen as it was intended to work with quite a few of the neighbouring parishes who have "ley" in their name ie CorLEY, FillongLEY etc but most of the activities nowadays do centre around Arley and Ansley.

The group are desperate for people to volunteer to help with a few activities as they would love to expand and provide a youth club in Ansley plus other activities. If you can spare a  bit of time no matter how small, PLEASE contact Emma or any of the others whose details are given below .

There  are more details on this summers activities organised by the Ley Group and others on the News Page.

Emma Gillespie  (Youth Worker)- 07951 934140

Peter Allan - 02476 399070

Margaret Antill - 01827 874520

The following link gives you the most recent report from Emma  which she sent to the Parish Council in July 2012 and gives an insight on what they would like to acheive in the future.

Emmas report.