Neighbouring Parishes

The Parish is quite spread out and you may find that some areas that you think are Ansley actually come under another Parish Council. This is especially true between Ansley Common and Birchley Heath. As you travel down Pipers Lane ( Ansley) you come directly into Ridge Lane (Mancetter Parish Council) then back to Birchley Heath Road ( Ansley again!) The bottom end of Ansley Common becomes Hartshill Parish Council, then going back up towards Galley Common it reverts back to Ansley in Fletchers Drift Road. This is because although the turning into Fletchers Drift Lane is in Nuneaton, the houses themselves are at the back of the Coleshill Road and therefore come under  Ansley, North Warweickshire!

It has been suggested that parish Councils might "cluster" their resources to provide services and share costs, but so far we do not do this in Ansley. However, with the possibility of us taking on increased services under the Localism Bill there is a possibility that we might work together with other parish councils for greater efficiency in the future.

We give below a few of the neighbouring parishes and their clerks details in case you wish to report anything.

Mancetter -

Hartshill -

Arley -

Over Whitacre -

Astley -