Latest News

  • We are having a community litter pick in Ansley Village this Saturday.

    This is partly to commemorate the Queens 90th Birthday so it would be great if a few people are able to join in with us.

    If you are free, please meet in front of the Church Hall on the Birmingham Road at 10.30 on Saturday morning (5th March) Equipment will be provided but you will need to bring some strong gloves with you. It usually only lasts two hours or so, but you can do as little or as much as you like.


    See you there!



  • A memory stick has been found in the recreation ground. If you know anyone who has lost it please contact the clerk on 02476 394670.

  • We are delighted to tell you that we have been successful with our grant application and have been awarded £22730 from Veolia Environmental Trust through the Landfill Comminities tax scheme for new playground equipment. This means we only have to contribute just over £1000 ourselves which we have budgeted for.

  • The Parish Council has arranged an extra ordinary meeting regarding planning application NWB/15CC015, which is a request to change the use of a chipping storage site in Oldbury Road to an emergency stopping point for up to 12 caravans.

    This will be held on

    Tuesday 8th December

    at 7pm in St Johns Church Hall

    Ansley Common CV10 0PS


    PROPOSAL: Change of use from a chipping storage site to an emergency stopping place for up to 12 caravans

    LOCATION: Land adjacent to Oldbury Road, Nr Ansley


    The Parish Council has recently received the above named planning application which is made BY Warwickshire County Council TO Warwickshire County Council. We will be objecting to the proposals on the following grounds:

  • Re : PAP/2015/0370 Land to the north of Nuthurst Crescent, Anslley Village - Development of up to 79 dwellings with vehicle access on to Tunnel Road.

    Please be aware that the above named planning application is going to be decided by the Planning and Development Board at the meeting to be held on Monday 9th November 2015. This will commence at 6.30pm in the Council Chamber at the Council House in Atherstone.

  • The Borough Council is carrying out a call for further potential housing sites within the Borough. This invitation is a consequence of the additional work the Council considers necessary in order to progress its Site Allocation Plan to meet the proposed housing requirement.


  • The Parish Council has recently set up a committee to deal with the project to erect a half wheel from Daw Mill colliery on the traffic island in Ansley Village. We have planning permission for this now subject to certain conditions, and fundraising events have already started.


  • There is a planning application in at the moment under reference PAP/2015/0370 for up to 79 residential units in land to the North of Nuthurst Crescent. If you wish to object to this you have until 15th July to send in your objections to North Warwickshire Borough Council. You can make your comment either on line or by writing to them at the council offices in Atherstone.


  • The Parish Council elections will take place on 7th May 2015  if more than 6 people stand as nominees. At present only 3 or possibly 4 of the current councuillors are standing for reelection, so there will definately be vacancies. It doesnt matter how many people wish to be nominated as if there are more than 6 who apply then they will be democratically elected by a vote on 7th May. If only 6 or less stand then they will automatically be appointed without an election taking place.