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  • New Playground Project up and running in Ansley


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  • Don’t forget to complete the surveys on our website:

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  • Great News.... Our new Community BOB HUB is now officially launched. Two lap tops plus a free direct dial phone facility is available to anyone by prior appointment. Please phone Jane on 02476 394670 to arrange. You can use the facilities for E Mails, energy saving information, Citizen Advice/benefits, queries to Borough/County councils, keeping in touch with frieds, home shopping, information, homework..... the list is endless. Please make use of these facilities to keep them open for everyone.

  • Following changes to Parish Councils brought  in by the Localism Act, we have now adopted a new Code of Conduct with effect from 17th July 2012. This can be found in more detail under the heading "Code of Conduct"

  • We need your assistance to make a difference to our Area getting superfast broadband. The more people who register their interest the higher our priority will be so please spare a moment or two. If you clck on the link below it will take you to the right site where you can register.

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  • Did you know that there is a new link so that residents can complete a new survey for highspeed broadband in their area, and also carry out an existing speed test.?
    The more people complete the survey in Ansley the more likely that we will get faster broadband.
    The new link is 

    Young families with toddlers are being encouraged to get out and play this summer thanks to a £13,424 grant which has been awarded to Ansley Parish Council towards new play facilities in the area.


    North Warwickshire Borough Council have announced that a bid is being prepared by Warwickshire County Council to obtain grant funding to provide a superfast broadband service to our rural settlements.

    The bid process is based on a survey of comments received from local residents and businesses on the existing slow broadband service.