Meeting dates

Meetings are held on the third tuesday of each month apart from August when there is no meeting. All meetings start at 7pm unless otherwise advised and the agendas are disaplayed on the noticeboards three days beforehand and are also on the website.


There is also an additional meeting once a year which is held in April. This is called the Annual Parish Meeting, and although the Parish Council takes responsibility for organising it and normally chairs the meeting, it is actually a meeting for RESIDENTS. You can therefore speak freely about any matters which concern you and also propose and vote on courses of acton that you would like the Parish Council to consider


Dates for 2017 are therefore as follows:

Ansley Common : Jan 17th, Mar 21st, May 16th, Jul 18th, Oct 17th and Dec 19th

AnsleyVillage: Feb 21st, April 18th, June 20th, Sept 19th, Nov 21st.

Annual Parish Meeting in Ansley Common on Tuesday April 18th will be held first then the normal Parish Council meeting (listed above) will follow immediately afterwards.