Ansley Heritage Mining Wheel Project

The Mining Whhel project is finally complete with the Wheel being installed last Monday 6th February. All of the money needed for this was raised through fund raising events and donations and not from the public purse.

Thanks have to go to the UDM and CISWO and the County Councillor for sizeable grants, and to The Lord Nelson, Marcus Jones MP, Mr Moore and a great many local ex-miners for personal donations. Members of the public who formed part of the Committee did an amazing Job organising fund raising events, and getting some of the work done at a low price due to their connections. Mr Ken Glover and family organised the initial transport and then stored the wheel free of charge.

Last but definitely not least, John, Steve and Ellis Stain from JS Services, who along with their work colleagues did us such a great job in building the plinth and carrying out the final installation of the Wheel.

Steve Stain has put together a very touching tribute to the Ex Miners from the area, which is available on the following link to youtuibe if you wish to see it.


Youtube of mining wheel