Neighbourhood Plan is a non starter

In the winter edition of Ansley News we asked you to compete and return a questionnaire saying whether or not you would support us in doing a Neighbourhood Plan to safeguard the parish against  future development. This is a time consuming and expensive document so we felt it was only fair to make sure residents wanted this before we committed to doing a plan.


Clearly there are a handful of residents who are very keen and appreciate the benefits of us having this document. However, unfortunately we only had 9 replies from nearly 1000 questionnaires given out which is very disappointing. All of these were from residents living in Ansley Village and we didnt get one response from Ansley Common or Birchley Heath. 


In view of this the Parish Council feel that we do not have the required level of support and therefore we have decided not to proceed with the plan.


Thank you to those who have attended the meetings recently to express their concern about housing numbers, and also to those few who did actually return the questionnaire.