Car Park in Croft Mead

The Parish Council and Borough Council have been speaking about the possibility of making more use of the car park down Croft Mead, especially during the day, so that it can be used by people coming to the recreation ground and the Lord Nelson Pub. At the moment they park in the Lord Nelson Pub car park or in Nuthurst Crescent which is causing obstructions and also loss of business to the pub.

This idea is still very much in its infancy and we are not even sure the Borough Council will agree to it, as they own the land. However, they did give permission before for it to be used as an overflow car park for the business centre during the day, and as these tenants have now left it may be possible to utilise it for other purposes.

We should stress that this is only one of a few suggestions and the Parish Council has other ideas which would be preferable but are reliant on getting funding from elsewhere and working with developers.

IF the proposals for the Croft Mead car park move forward, then there will be consultation and involvement with residents living next to and near to the car park and it is not intended to make life difficult for residents to use the car park if they already do so. 

Any further developments will be minuted and displayed on our website so that everyone knows what is going on, and we will also ask the Editor of Ansley Community News to include an article in the next available edition of the magazine which is delivered to everyone. This isn't something that will be pushed through quickly without residents even knowing about it so please dont worry!

In the meantime, if anybody wishes to express an opinion you are welcome to come to our council meetings held at 7pm on the third tuesday of every month except August, and the agenda with the location of the meeting is displayed on the notice boards and on line at least three clear days before each meeting.