The combined role of Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer is being split to allow the current clerk to reduce her hours. The vacancy is for a Resposible Finance Officer, who will take over all the financial roles specified in the job description and will deputise for the clerk in case of need. 


The current clerk will retire in 1 or 2 years time. At this time the council will advertise the Clerks vacancy and the RFO will have the opportunity to apply for the additional role along with any other applicants.


The current clerk works 35 hours a month, which will reduce to 25 once the RFO is appointed.  This is an ideal opportunity to learn all the financial procedures whilst having the support of the clerk working alongside you so that you can gain experience of the roles. It will also give you the time and oppoturnity to study for the CiLCA exam if you are interested in doing so, so that the council can continue to be qualified to use the General Power of Competence once the current clerk retires.


Responsible Finance Officer (RFO) Job vacancy advert

RFO Job description