Parish Council and the Police

The Police are one of the partners of the Parish Council and strive to work closely with us. Unfortunately, due to cut backs and the ever increasing pressure on their time it is not possible for them to attend every Parish Council meeting.

However, there is a quarterly meeting called the Area Forum South which is rotated between various venues around the area. The police attend this and there is an opportunity for anyone to speak to them directly for half an hour before the actual meeting starts. Details of where and when the Area Forums take place are advertised on the notice boards and we will also put them on the website under news items when we are notified of them.

At the area forum meetings, varuious matters are discussed with the Borough and County Councils as well as the police. The Police set what are called "area priorites" for the next three months, and these are decided upon after reference to those at the meeting. The Parish Councillors have a good input into this as they know more about local issues and what the current problems are. If you have any concerns, you should ideally come along to the meeting in person, to make the police aware of what is wrong. If you are unable to do this, please contact any of our councillors or the clerk at least a month before the meeting is due to take place so that we can put it on our own agenda and decide on the best course of action.

 At the moment our local policeman/women are:

PC86 Ellen Beaty

E Mail extension at Coleshill is 3556

PCSO 6192 Phil McGuinness

PCSO6211 Hayley waller

Sgt. Albrighton

 If you need to contact the police by phone, use the new phone number 101 to get through to the reactive team.( except for emergencies which are 999)

Alternatively, if you do not wish to leave a name you can contact Crimestoppers directly on 0800 555111 or click on the link below.