Playgrounds re opened with safeguards

The Parish Council has issued the following update re use of playgrounds during the pandemic. Please click on link below.


Playground use.

St Laurence Church update

A statement has been released from the Church following the Corona outbreak. Please click on link below to view.

Update from St Laurence Church

New Councillors

Following the recent election, we are delighted to welcome four new councillors. These are (in alphabetical order) Pat Arrowsmith, Craig Dicken, Mark Holmes and Heather Norgrove. They join Phil Rees and Micheala Jackson who were re- elected. Phil is the new Chair and Micheala is Vice chair.

The retiring councillors Derek Greedy, Brian Martin, Tony Worrall and Melvyn Lyon all decided not to stand for re -election.  We would like to thank them sincerely for all their hard work over many years.


There has been an increase in the number of burglaries and attempted break ins around the parish lately. This iis happening in all areas even the quiet ones!

Please make sure you secure your property when you go out and be aware during the day when you are in as well. It is not only homes but cars and outbuildings as well that need protecting.


A youth in dark clothing has been seen loitering about on a number of occasions by residents in Ansley Village so if everyone keeps their eyes peeled we may be able to find out where he comes from.


Community Litter Pick Saturday 23rd March 2019

The Community Litter Pick will be on Saturday 23rd March. This year we will be joined by some members of the Ley Millionaires group, but we still need volunteers from the public to help if we are to cover all areas.


The litter pick will take place between 10am and 12 noon. If you can spare a couple of hours or even just an hour, please meet at the Church Hall Birmingham Road Ansley Village at 10am. Please bring some strong gloves with you and bags and litter sticks will be provided. 


Thank you

Car Park in Croft Mead

The Parish Council and Borough Council have been speaking about the possibility of making more use of the car park down Croft Mead, especially during the day, so that it can be used by people coming to the recreation ground and the Lord Nelson Pub. At the moment they park in the Lord Nelson Pub car park or in Nuthurst Crescent which is causing obstructions and also loss of business to the pub.

Elections in May... Could you be a Councillor?

Well its hard to believe that its election time again this year. Thank you to all the present Council who have worked hard and have a lot to show for their efforts over the last 4 years.

Sadly Cllrs Greedy and Worrall have decided not to stand for re- election, and Cllr Martin is no longer eligible since he moved out of the village a year ago. At the time of writing this we are not sure what Cllr Lyon will decide as he is in poor health at the moment.

Car keys found

A set of car keys has been found in the recreation ground and handed in to the Post Office.


As part of the nationwide Spring Clean, there will be a community litter pick in Ansley Village on Saturday March the 10th. If you can spare an hour to help please meet in front of the Church Hall on Birmingham Road at 10.30am and bring some strong gloves with you. We will supply litter picking sticks and bags.

Thank you

Neighbourhood Plan is a non starter

In the winter edition of Ansley News we asked you to compete and return a questionnaire saying whether or not you would support us in doing a Neighbourhood Plan to safeguard the parish against  future development. This is a time consuming and expensive document so we felt it was only fair to make sure residents wanted this before we committed to doing a plan.