Parish Council Budget setting

The Budget is set every December/January for the forthcoming financial year. The financial year starts on 1st April and ends on 31st March. We get most of our money via the "Precept" which is a demand on the Borough Council to enable us to function. This demand is then passed on to parishioners via the Council Tax, but is kept as low as possible. If we have any large projects for example playground equipment, we can and do apply for grants from outside bodies such as landfill companies. We have been very successful with these applications in the past which has made a huge difference around the parish. However we usually have to contribute a small percentage in the region of 5% of the projects ourselves although we have sometimes been awarded 100% of the costs.


The documents below give our budget for the current financial year and a breakdown of previous years for comparison.

Approved budget 2023/24

Approved budget for 2022/2023

Approved budget for 2021/2022

Approved budget for 2020/2021

Approved budget for 2019/2020

Approved budget for 2018/2019

Approved budget for 2017/2018

Approved Budget for 2016/2017