Community Speedwatch

Community Speedwatch 


Following the recent tragic event when young Harley Jackson lost his life, the community of Ansley Common has joined together to call for action against speed, and hopefully some proper traffic calming measures as soon as possible.


Whilst we do not know if speed was involved in the incident at this stage, there has been a long standing concern from residents about the speed of traffic generally, especially the HGVs . There is a scheme which residents can take part in to educate drivers against speeding by setting up a Community Speedwatch group. Full training will be given and equipment provided. The speedgun doesnt issue fines, it just records the  registration numbers if vehciles are speeding, and this data is then passed back to the police. If they get the same numbers regularly then they go out and speak to the drivers concerned.


It may be possible to use the statistics from this in support of any grant application that is made for proper  traffic calming measures and it will also show that the community is actively involved. 


It will be necessary to have at least 6 people for the training to take place. You can decide for yourselves how often the group go out, but have to bear in mind that the speed gun is also shared between Arley and Ansley Vilage, so it might only be once a month.


If you can help, please click on the link below and complete the application form, then E Mail it to or put through the door of any of the members of Ansley Common Residents Group or any of the Parish Councillors (contact details are on website and notice boards at St Johns Hall or the One Stop Shop)

Thank you.


Police explanation letter

Application form