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Historic and up to date planning applications can be viewed on the Borough Council website by clicking on the link below. We have also compiled a summary of the new applications as we are notified of them. The Parish Council is a statutory consultee and therefore are allowed to make comments on applications . However all comments can only be based on proper material considerations and facts, and we are not allowed to pass personal comments. 


 North Warwickshire Borough Council Planning


  Name/Address Proposal Parish Council comments Decision


 Mr  Edward Hadden, 1 Mary Carroll Close, Ansley, CV10 9SR


 PAP/2022/0375 Permission to erect a double garage

Valid Date 18/07/2022

 No current objectionsPending 
  Mr Stephen Cooper, The Shambles  54A Birchley Heath Rd., ansley, CV10OQY 

 PAP/2022/0299  Proposal to erect a s/s rear extension

Valid Date 13/06/2022

 No objections

 Approved (DETNODET)


  Miss Claire Evans, 48 Nuthurst Crescent, ansley CV10 9PJ

 PAP/2022/0321 Proposed first floor extension and internal alterations

Valid Date 05/07/2022

 No current objectionsPending 

Mr. Jimmy Jacques

! & 3 Ansley Common, Ansley CV1 0PQ  

 PAP/2022/0231 Prior approval for demolition of 1 & 3 Ansley Common

Valid Date 18/05/2022

 No objectionsAproved (DETNODET)21/06/2022
  Mr D Mather 202 Arley Lane, Ansley CV10 9PH 

 PAP/2022/0120   Increase existing roof, loft conversion and s/s extension

Valid Date02/03/2022

 No objectionsApproved (FAPG)25/04/2022
  Mr A Green via  agent Mr Andrew Large  (The Gables) 1 B.ham Rd. Ansley Cv10OPS

 PAP/2022/0173  Outline application for erection of  9 dwellings with associated access and biodiversity area

Valid Date 28/03/2022

 No Current objectionsRefused

 Mr  Daniel Swift, Village Farm, B.ham Road,Aansley

CV10 9PS 

 PAP/2022/0156 Demolish workshops & buildings. Permission requested to construct 19 properties of various size and style

Valid Date 16/03 2022

 No current objections Pending

 Mrs Angela Lewis,

14 Ansley Hall House, Coleshill Road, Ansley

Cv10 0QG

 PAP/2022/0085  Listed Building consent to replace two existing windows.

Valid Date 11/03/2022

 No current objections Pending
  Miss Paige Barratt 28 B,ham. Rd., Ansley CV109PS

 PAP/2022/0047  Consent for a single storey rear extension and internal alterations

Valid Date 25/01/2022

 No current objectionsApproved (FAPG) 29/04/22 
  Mrs Sandra Shuff,5 The Dairy, Ansley Hall, Coleshill Rd., Ansley CV10OQG

 PAP/2022/0004 Listed Building Consent for Elux roof light and flue for a log burner

Valid Date 15/01/2022 

 No objectionsApproved (LBCG) 24/05/2022

 Kira Lawlor,R/O 125 Coleshill Road, Chapel End,

CV10 0PG

 PAP/2021/0542  Demolitioin of existing structures and erection of 2 bongalows

Valid Date 05/11/2021

 No  objections                                                     Approved (FAPG) 05/05/2022

Mr & Mrs Mellor,The Hollies,Birchley Heath Road, Ansley, CV10 0QX

 PAP/2021/0586 Cerificate of lawfulness for a twin unit mobile home.
(Not for operational development) within the garden of a lawful dwelling house. To be used as additional accomodation by family members as prt of one household (not a materil change of use.

Valid Date 20/10/2021

 No objections


Approved (LAWISS) 10/12/2021 

  Mr Gavin Perez,Arc School, Ansley Lane, Ansley

 PRE/2021/0184  Diversion order application to implment diversion to PF103/AE1442/2

Valid date 14/09/2021

 No objectionsPending 

 Mr A Green The Gables, 1 Birmingham Road, Ansley Village CV10 9PS 

 PAP/2021/0519 Erection of single dwelling

Valid Date9/9/2021i

 No  ObjectionsApproved (FAPG)  25/11/2021
  Charlotte Oliver Ox Hayes Farm, Coleshill Road, Ansley CV10 0QW DOC/2021/0073  Approval of details required by condition4 of PAP/2020/0594 Vali Date26/08/2021 No  objectionsDetails granted 02/02/2022 

 Mr Marc Wilden, Wind Dancer Ansley Common CV!0 0QD

 PAP/2021/0509 Permssion to erect a single storey extension

Valid Date 26/08/2021

 No objecctionsApproved (FAPG) 28/09/2021
  Mr & Mrs Morewood, Birchley Hall Farm, Birchley Heath Road, Ansley CV100QY

 PAP/2012/0491 Certificate of lawfulness for conversion of existing detached dwelling to form resdential accomodation & storage of plant & equipment.

Valid Date 11/08/2021

 No objectionsApproved (LAWISS) 27/06/2022
  Mr & Mrs Morson, four Wnds, Ansley Common, Nun eaton, CV100PX  

 PAP/2021/0494  Permission to erect a detached garage

Valid Date 16/08/2021

 No objections


Approved (FAPG) 17/09/2021 

  Mra A Brown (WHEATHILL) 126 Ansley Common Nuneaton CV10OQA

 PAP/2021/0488 Certificate of lawfulness for proposed changes from family dwelling to HMO

Valid Date 12/08/2021

 No objections                                        Approved (LAWISS) 24/09/2021
  Mr & Mrs Morewood, Birchley Hall Farm, Birchley Heath Road, Anslet, CV10 0QY

 PAP/2021/0414 Retention of existing garage and change of land to residential use

Valid Date 11/08/2021

 No objectionsApproved (FAPG) 14/01/2022
   Julie Hill 37 Birchley Heath Road, Ansley CV10 OQY  

 PAP/2021/0418 Extension of 5metre double pitch roof rear extension, max height 3.84 metre, max eaves height 2.82 metres and extending 5 metre beyond rear wall of original dwelling.

Valid date 15/07/2021 

 No objections

Approved (DETNODET)  16/08/2021

No further details required

   Mrs Louise Mututa, 1 Ansley Hall, Coleshill Road, Ansley CV10 0QG 

 PAP/2021/0256  Listed building consent to replace 1 window

Valid date 28/05/2021

 No  objections Approved (LBCG) 27/07/2021 
   Mr Neil Raybould, 24 Nuthurst Crescent Ansley CV10 9PJ

 PAP/2021/0295 Permission to erect a s/s rear extension,Max height 3.7 metres,eaves max height 2.7 metres, extending6 metres beyond rear wall of original dwelling

Valid Date  21/05/2021

 No  objections Approved (DETNODET) 18/-6/2021 
   Mr A Green r/o 1-3 B'ham Rd.Ansley CV109PS

 PAP/2021/0250  Outline planning application to erect 10 dwellings to r/o 1-3 B'ham. Rd. Access to be considered with all other matters

Valid Date26/04/2021

 Objection raised re access to site and with it being outside the development boundary  Withdrawn (WV) 26/08/2021

 Mrs, Katherine  Lovsey Barton, Pegasus Group. Land 250 metres south east of Common Farm, Ansley Common

 PAP/2021/0033   Outline application for proposed development of up to 154 new dwellings including new access etc.

Valid Date 04/05/2021

Objection  raised ref proposal to build on a reserved site. Questioned if curent housing requirement has been met. Pending 
   Mrs. Katherine Lovsey Barton Pegasus Group.  Land 500 metres south east of Common Farm, Ansley Common

 PAP/2021/0032 Residential development of 77 dwellings, vehicle access, open space etc.

Valid Date 04/05/2021 

 Objection  raised ref. proposal to build on reserved site. Questioned if current housing requirement has been met. Pending 

 Mr. Mark Rowland,Ladywood Farm,Ridge Lane,Nuneaton CV10 0RJ

 PAP/2021/0216  Prior approval for new agricultural road.

Valid Date 13/04/2021

 No objections

Approved.   DETNODET  (30/04/2021)

No further details required


 Jade Strategies

Spinney Garth,Ansley Common, Nuneaton

CV!0 0PX

 PAP/2021/0098  Application to erect two dwellings

Valid Date 09/04/2021

 No objections Approved 06/07/2021 (FAPG)
   Mr Sebastian Puwar, 10 Ansley Common, Ansley CV10 0QD

 PAP/2021/0106 Application to erect a two storey side extension with rear dormer and single storey extension

Valid Date 09/03/2021

 Nobjections Approved(FAPG) 04/06/2021
  Mr Simon Lewis 14 Ansley Hall, Coleshill Road, Ansley, CV10 0QG  

 PAP/2021/0086  Listed Building Consent for replacement boiler requiremeng fitment of a white condense pipe on external wall

Valid Date 02/03/2021 

 No objections  Pending
   Mr David Palmer  12 Ansley Hall, Coleshill Road, Ansley CV10 0QG 

PAP/2021/0036   Listed Building Consent for small condense pipe for boiler work

Valid Date 14/01/2021  

 No objections

 Granted  (LBCG)


   Mr Chris Cowan 2 Chain Cottages, Nuneaton Road, Ansley CV10 0QU 

 PAP/2020/0670  Replace garden shed/ cabin

Valid date 22/12/2020

 No objections  Granted (FAPG) 05/02/2021
   Mr York, 6 Ansley Common,Ansley, CV!0 0QU

 PAP/2020/0676 Certificate of lawfulness for hip to gable loft conversion with dormer to the rear

Valid Date 18/12/2020

 No  objections  Granted (22/03/2021)
   Mr Sebastian Puwar,10 Ansley Common, Ansley, CV10 0QD

 PAP/2020/0633 Permission to erect a garden room to rear of property

Valid Date 01/12/2020

 No objections Granted (FAPG) 18/01/2021
   Mr James Flynn, Waterworks Cottage, Green Lane, Birchley Heath, CV10 0QX

 PAP/2020/0622 Proposed two storey extension to create enlarged ground floor kitchen/dining space & extended bedroom space @ 1st floor level with associated en-suite

Valid Date 25/11/2020

 No objections Granted (FAPG) 19/01/2021
   Mr Brosnan ref ARC School Ansley Lane Ansley

 PAP/2020/0614 Remove temporary classroom, erect a single storey building for classrooms changing room, accomodation. Ne sports field, ahard soft landscaping. Relocation of existing facilities, remodelled car pparkingb including footpath diversion

Valid date 20/11/2020 

 No objections Granted (FAPG) 09/07/2021

 Mr & Mrs OLiver Ox Hayes Farm, Coleshill Rd.,Ansley CV10 0QW

 PAP/2020/0594 submitted by ADC Ltd. agent Prior approval for conversion of 2 existing barns to 5 no. dwellings plus separate garages and parking

Valid date 05/11/2020

DOC/2021/0035 Approval of details required by condition 14 of PAP/2020/0594 of 26/02/2021

reference construction management plan

Valid Date22/04/2021

DOc/2022/0015 Approval of conditionsd required by PAP/2020/0594

Valid Date 15/03.2022


MIA/2022/0010  Non material amendment to PAP/2020/0594 for changes to openings

Valid Date19/04/2022 

PAP/2022/0257  Change of implement store to a residentialcar portand use of existing dreveway for residential dwelling

Valid Date 24/05/2022

 No  objections

No objections

No objections

No objections



Approved (DETG)


Approved (DETG) 20/04/2022






Granted 06/05/2022

 Mr R Varnam, New Park Farm, Ansley Cv10 9PT

 PAP/2020/0577 Part change of use from agricultural to 3 commercial buildings 1) car repairs 2) car restoration 3) carpentry ( retrospective) 

Valid date 03/11/2020

 No objections



No current objections

   Mr Andrew Shelton, LandPending 25 metres south of Ansley War Memorial, B';ham Rd. Ansley 

 PAP/2020/0520 Laying of hard standing material and engineered section of kerb on land off B4112 to serve as temporary trailer area to facilitate a Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)

Valid Date 09/10/2020

 Objection. Sketchy info. ref prpose  Withdrawn WNV 24/02/2021
   A R Cartwright, Land to rear of ansley United Reform church Birmingham road, Ansley 

 MIA/2020/0030 Non material amendment for substitution of approved house types etc.

Valid Date 01/10/2020

 No objections  Granted 12/10/2020
   Mr Billy Collins,277 Birmingham Road Ansley CV10 9PG

 PAP/2020/0283 Permission to erect a 2 storey side extension,single storey rear extension, a detached single garage and extension to droped kerb

Valid Date 19/08/2020 

 No objections Granted (FAPG) 07/04/2021
   Mr M Sutton,Manor House Farm, Coleshill Road, Ansley, CV10 0QP  

 PAP/2020/0392 Prior notification to erect an agricultural building

Valid Date 29/07/2020

 No objections Approved (DETNODET) 09/09/2020
   Drew Cox 11 Ansley Common, Nuneaton, CV10 0PQ

 PAP/2020/0301 Permission to erect a single storey rear extension

Valid date 18/06/2020

 No  objections  Pending
  Mr Hill 147 Ansley Common Nuneaton CV10 0PR 

 PAP/2020/0226 work to trees protected by a Tree preservation order

Valid Date 06/05/2020

 No objections

Submitted and withdrawn Not valid


   Mr & Mrs Elson 269 Birmingham Road, Ansley CV10 9PG 


Single storey side and rear extension

Valid Date 06/05/2020


Non material amendment ref PAP/2020/0223 side window to be omitted & rear vwindows and doors to be amended

Valid date 20/07/2020

 No  objections

No objections

Approved (FAPG) 01/07/2020

Granted 12/08/2020

   Mr R Kent 70 Birmingham Rd., Ansley CV10 9PS

 PAP/2020/0205  Request  permission to demolish an outbuilding and construct a retirement dormer bungalow

Valid Date 17/04/2020

DOC/2021/0099 Discharge of conditions ref above application

Valid date 04/01/2021

 No current objections

No objections

Approved (FAPG) 22/07/2020


 NWBC 04/05/20) 

Approved (DETG) 20/04/2021

MENDED PLANS AND DESCRIPTION RECEIVED BY NWBC   Mr & Mrs Smith, 53 Birchley Heath Road, Ansley, CV10 0QY

 PAP/2020/0209 Request permission to erect a single storey extension

Valid date 17/04/2020

 No objections Approved (FAPG) 12/06/2020 
   Mr A. Green Springfield Farm, Nuneaton Rd., Ansley, CV10 0QU 

 PAP/2020/0149 Permission to rotate the farm office thro. 90 degrees. Office construction approved via PAP/2017/0310

Valid date 16/03/2020

 No objections Approved (FAPG) 15/04/2020 
   Mr S James, 59 St Lawrence Road, Ansley, CV10 9PW


Erection of a double garage and a new boundary wall

Valid date 06/03/2020

 No objections Approved (FAPG 07/04/2020) 
   Mr David Wilcox 5 St Johns Road, Ansley Common, Nuneaton, CV10 0PU 

 PAP/2020/0045 Demolish existing single garage and conservatory and replace with a double garage and conseratory

Valid Date 04/02/2020

No objections Approved (FAPG) 20/04/2020 
   Mr David Barrs, Brook House Farm, Ansley Lane, Ansley CV10 OQS

 PAP/2020/0014 To convert and extend an existing barn to the south of Brook House Farm to a dwelling house(use class 3) along with change of land to residential use

Valid Date 17/01/2020 

 Objection from Parish Council as inappropriate development in the Green Belt  Approved (FAPG) 08/07/2020
   Anna Summat, Willow Brook, Birmingham Rd., Ansley CV10 9PU

 PAP/2020/0007. Erection of a single storey side extension.

Valid Date 09/01/2020

 No current objections  Pending
   Mr Stephen Pyne,39 Birchley Heath Road, Ansley CV10 0QY

 PAP/2019/0676 Erection of a single storey rear extension.

Valid Date 08/01/2020

 No objections Approved (DETNODET 04/02/2020) 

 Mrs Angela Lewis 14 Ansley Hall, Coleshill Road, Ansley CV10 0QG

 PAP/2019/0644 Listed building permission to replace front and rear exterior doors

Valid Date 16/12/2019

 No objections  Approved (LBCG 07/02/2020)
   Mr. Andrew Milne, Croft Mead Business Centre, Croft Mead Ansley village CV10 9PQ 

 PAP/2019/0616 Demolition of existing buildings & a new residential development of 8 dwellings with vehicle access and parking

Valid Date 07/11/2019

 Strongly Object.

Inappropriate development, objections to design, layout , appearance, infrastructure and safety.

Approved (FAPG) 14/12/2020

Previous application  06/9/2016 PAP/2016/0519  


Mr Green

 Springfield Farm, Nuneaton Road, Ansley

CV10 0QU

 PAP/2019/0552 Prior approval for erection of extension to agricultural building to be used for the storage of grain and other farm commodities.

Valid date 11/10/2019

 No objections Approved (DETNODET) 11/11/2019)

 Mrs Diane Turner 119 Ansley, Common, Ansley,CV10 0PR

 PAP/2019/0484 Permission for dropped kerb

Valid Date 07/10/2019

 No objections Approved (FAPG) 12/11/2019 
   Cartwright Homes  PAP/2019/0372 - Variation of condition 2 of planning permission PAP/2015/0692.  No objections as long as height of apartment block has not changed. Approved (AVCG) 19/07/2019)

 Mr D O Flanagan,Ansley Social Club, 142 B'ham Road Ansley. CV10OPQ  

 PAP/2019/0258 Demolition of former social club & construction of 9 dwellings with associated parking, turning head and attenuation pond

Valid Date 24/05/2019

 OBJECTION as inappropriate development of the Greenbelt. (new design has 3 properties half in the green belt) 

Approved (FAPG) 27/02/2020

See PAP/2017/0083, PAP/2017/0150 and DOC/2018/0071 for refeence

   Mr S Hughes, 31 Plough Hill Road, Chapel End, CV100PJ 

 PAP/2019/0282 Request to demolish 31 Plough Hill Road and erect a number of varying types of residences

Valid date 24/05/2019

DOC/2021/0001 Approval of conditions required by PAP/2019/0282

Valid Date 11/01/2021

 No  objections

No objections 

Approved (FAPG) 8/11/2019  

Approved (DETG) 5/10/2021

   Mr. Csaba Kajtar 10 Bretts Hall Estate, Ansley,CV10 0PN

 PAP/2019/0242 Erection of a single storey rear extension

Valid date 26/04/2019

 No objections Granted 06/06/2019 (FAPG) 
   Mr J Price Spinney Garth,ansley Common, CV100px

 PAP/2019/0206 Outline planning for 2 dwellings including details of access & layout, previous approved application approved for 2 dwellings (PAP/2015/0546)

Valid date  10/04/2019

 No objections  Granted (FAPG) 24/09/2019

 Mr & Mrs Butler,Land adjacent to KRIENSColeshill Road, Ansley Common,Ansley CV10 opy

 PAP/2019/0161 Erection of a dwelling

Valid Date22/03/2019

 No objections, however concerns were raised reference incomplete submission information available to Parish counci to make informed commentsl Granted (FAPG) 08/07/2019 
   Mr David Palmer 12 Ansley Hall, Coleshil Road, Ansley CV10 0QG  

 PAP/2019/0145  Listed Building consent for replacement bay windows

Valid Date 19/03/2019  

 No objections Granted (LBCG) 29/04/2019

 Mrs Katherine Lovsey-Barton, The Pegasus Group

Mr Ben Cook The Pegasus Group

Mrs Katherine Lovsey Brown 

 PAP/2019/0079 Approval of reserved mattersfor the erection of 70 dwellings with deteails of layout,scale,appearance andaccess ref. pap/2017/0352 ref. app/R370/w/17/3189584

Valid date15/02/2019

PAP/2019/0080 Variation of condition 5 of PAP/2017/0352relating to the erection of 72 dwellings in respect of outline applicationfor the erection ofup to 70 dwellings with details of access, layout,scale, apperance and landscaping as reserved matters

Valid Date20/02/2019

DOC/2019/0014   Approval of conditions required by condition 10 of PAP/2017/0370 ref construction phase environmental plan

Valid Date 05/03/2019

DOC/2019/0015 Approval of conditions required by condition10 of PAP/2017/0352 ref. construction phase environmental plan

Valid Date 05/03/2019

DOC/2019/0037Discharge of condition12 ref PAP/2017/0352 23/05/2015 relating tocoloured & kerbing plan

Valid Date 23/04/2019

DOC/2019/0038 Discharge of condition 8 relating to PAP/2015/0370 relating to condition8 of PAP/2015/0370 relating toS278 of coloured plan

Valid Date 23/04/1019


Non material amendment ref site layout and house type re PAP/2019/0078

Valid date 11/09/2019

MIA/2021/0020 Amendment to brick type ref PAP/2019/0079

Valid Date 01/06/2021

 No objections

 No objections

No objections

 No objections 

No objections


No  objections

 Approved 12/08/2019 (FAPG) ref PAP/2019/0079

Approved(AVCG) 21/05/2019PAP/2019/0080

 Approved (FAPG) 23/05/2019 0014

Approved (FAPG) 23/05/19 0015 

 Approved !3/05/2019 ref DOC/2019/0037

 Approved (FAPG) 12/08/2019 ref DOC/2019/0038

 Granted 13/09/2019 (FAPG)

Granted (FAPG) 11/06/2021


 Mrs Katherins Lovsey-Barton, The Pegasus Group

Mr Ben Cook The Pegasus Group

Mr Paul Barton Co

Mrs Katherine Lovsey Brownuntryside Properties

 PAP/2019/0078 Approval of reserved matters for the erection of 72 dwellings with details of layout, scale and approval of landscaping etc. with access for tunnel Road ref. app/R3705/w/16/3149572 ref pap/2015/0370

Valid date 15/02/2019

MIA/2019/0024 Non material amendment ref site layout and house type re PAP/2019/0079

Valid Date 11/09/2019

Variation of condition 10 of PAP/2015/0370n ref appeal APP/R3705/W/16/3149572 & PAP/2019/0078

Valid Date 20/05/2020

MIA/2021/0019   Minor amendment to brick typeref. PAP/2019/0078

Valid Date 01/06/2021

 No objections

No objections

No  objections

No  objections  

 Approved (FAPG) 12/08/2019

Granted 13/09/2019(FAPG)

Approved 01/06/2020

Granted (FAPG) 11/06/2021

   Mrs Olga Silke,27 Birmingham Road, Ansley CV10 9PS

 PAP/2019/0083 Rquest for a dropped kerb and a new driveway

Valid date 12/02/2019

 No objections  Granted (09/04/2019)
   Mrs Janet Dudley, 14 Cornish Close, Ansley Common CV10 0XU 

 PAP/2019/0050 Request for a certificate of lawfulnessfor existing use of land for vehicle parking

Valid Date 30/01/2019

 No objections REFUSED (25/04/2019)
   Mrs Cathie Barrs, BrookHouse Farm, Ansley Lane,CV10 0QS

PAP/2019/0044 Erect a two storey and single storey extensionsto rear with entrance door and windows pointing towards courtyard

Valid Date 30/01/2019 

Query volume calculatins ref.outbuildings inclusions

 Granted (FAPG) (27/03/2019)
   Mrs Katherine Lovesy-Barton, The Pegasus Group

 DOC/2019/0002 Land to the north of Nuthurst Crescent, for approval of the conditions required by PAP/2015/0370 ref appeal APP/R3705/W/16/349572

Valid date 22/01/2019

 No objections Comments made re bat survey and tree retainment on trees with TPO Granted (18/02/2019)
   Mr Malcolm Abell, Oakdene, Ansley Common, CV10 OPX  PAP/2019/0025 Erect a single storey front and side extension.  Valid date 21/01/2019  No objections Granted (18/03/2019) 
   Mr S Cooke, 171 B,ham Rd., Ansley Village, CV10 9PQ

 PAP/2019/0023 Replace flat roof with pitched roof over garage ane porch.

Valid date 21/1/2019

 No objections  Granted (15/03/2019)
   Mr. Lyndon Collins,281 Birmingham Road, Ansley, CV10 9PG 

 PAP/2018/0761 Erection of a two story side extension with a double  garage to the rear

Valid date 02/01/2019

 Objection ref green belt village dev. boundary 30% rule previous history applications   Granted (FAPG) 07/03/2019
   Mr.Daniel Wood 53 Birmingham Rd., Ansley village, CV10 9PS

 PAP/2018/0654 Erection of a single storey/conservatory

Valid date 06/11/2018 

 N/A  Classed as permitted development. No comments required by parish council

 Mr Danny O'Flanagan  Ansley Social Club, 142 Birmingham Rd., Ansley, CV109PQ

 DOC/2018/0071  Submitted by Mr Danny O'Flanagan to confirm compliance with the conditions required by PAP/2017/0150


 Approval of details required dyconditions 8/9 0f PAP/2017/0150

Valid Date 04/05/2020


Approval of conditions required by PAP/2019/0258

Valid Date 04/05/2020

 No objections

No objections

No current objections

Granted (06/12/2019)

Grsntrd (FAPG) 24/06/2020

Granted (FAPG) 18/05/2020




  Waterloo Housing/ Thornecliffe  Wayy/ Ansley Common 

 DOC/2018/0062  Submitted by Waterloo Housing to comfirm compliance with all the requirements of FAP/1992/1660 and HIS/1902/2682

Valid date 27/09/2018

 No  objections. (Item approved before pc meeting)




 Litecast Ltd.Purley Chase Estate,Pipers Lane,Ansley Common,CV10 0RG 

 PAP/2018/0483 Erection of mould shop, concrete batching plant, offices & ancilliary buildings & stockyards together with landscaping mound

Valid date24/08/2018


Request approval of conditions 6,7,8 & 9 ref PAP/2018/0483

Valid Date 06/09/2019

PAP/2010/0152 Erection of mould shop & concrete batching plant, workshops, offices, ancillary buildings,stockyard along with landscaping mound as approvec by PAP/2018/0483

 Valid Date12/05/2020

 No objections,however comments were made reference to the junction at the end of Pipers Lane regarding modification to improve safety after a fatal accident recently

 No objections

No current objections

 PAP/2018/0483 Approved (FAPG) 14/01/2019

DOC 2019/0095 approved (DETG) 20/11/2019



 Mr Brian Bates,Land @ former 22A Plough road, Chapel End

 PAP/2018/0401 Retrospective application forn change of use of land for car parking 7 a proposed dropped kerb

Valid Date 8/06/2018

 No  objections  Approved (FAPG) 09/08/2018
   Mr D Malkin Nursery Barn Farm, Ansley common, Nuneaton, CV10 0PY

 DOC/2018/0020 submitted for approval of conditions 5,6,7,8 & 9 of PAP/2017/0142 of 04/05/2017

Valid Date 27/03/2018

 No  objections Approved (FAPG) 13/06/2018 
   Mr Alan Conyers on behalf of Ansley Hall Management Co.Ltd.,Ansley Hall, Coleshill Road Ansley, Cv10OQU

 PAP/2018/0124   Listed building consent for replacement of existing path lighting bollards with new low  energy bollards.

Valid Date 28/02/2018

 No objections  Approved (LBCG) 27/04/2018
   Mr J Read, 112 Birmingham Road, Ansley Village, CV10 9PL

 PAP/2018/0074 Erection of a conservatory to the rear of the property.

Valid Date 21/02/2018

 No objections  Approved (FAPG) 17/04/2018
   Mr P Glover 43 Birchley Heath Road, Ansley, CV10 0QX 

 PAP/2018/0080  Application for a side extension and alteration to windows

Valid Date 20/02/2018

 No cobjections

Approved (FAFG) 16/03/2018 

See PAP/2011/0652 for history

   Mr James Flyn, Waterworks Cottage, Green Lane, Birchley Heath CV10 0QX

 PAP/2018/0086  Application to erect a two storey rear extension

Valid Date 06/02/2018

 No objections  Approved (FAPG) 13/03/2018
   Western Power Distribution (East Midlands) plc @{ Common Farm ) Ansley Common, Cv10 0QL 

 PAP/2018/0068  Request to add a Tee off to service a second property @ Common Farm, Ansley common  

Valid Date 29/01/2018

 No objections  Granted(OHLNO) 19/02/2018

 Mr & Mrs D Greedy, 34 Damson Tree Cottege, Birmingham Road, Ansley Village, CV10 9qs

Bachus Design ( Mrs Kim Rickards)

Bachus Design (Mr David Swift)

 PAP/2018/0031     Outline  applicaion for the demolition of existing outbuildings and erection of 7 additionalm dwellings, including car parking and garages and an additional garage serving 34 Birmingham Road with access appearance and land scaping reserved.

Plans amended to 6 properties, parking places deleted, bell mouth @ B'ham Rd amended and bin store added 

Valid Date 15/01/2018

PAP/2018/0579 Approval of reserved matters refence to appearenc and landscaping for the erection of 6 dwellings including car parking and an addtitional garage for No 34 Birmingham Road

Valid date 11/10/2018

DOC/2018/0072Approval of details required by conditions 1,7,8,9,18 of PAP/2018/0031 of 26/03/2018 

Valid date 12/10/2018

DOC/2018/0086 Approval of details required by condition no's 10 & 13 of PAP/2018/0031

Valid Date 07/11/2018

DOC/2018/0102 approval of details re'd by detail10 of PAP/2018/0031

Valid date 14/12/2018

PAP/2019/0117  Change of house type to plot1. Inctrease ridge height by 400mm. Isert dormers to rear elevation. Internal remodelling to provide a dormer bungalow further to PAP/2018/0031 (outline) and PAP/2018/0579 for reserved matters

Vaild Date 05/03/2019

PAP/2019/0118 As above except this is Plot 2

Valid date 05/03/2019

MIA/2019/0035 Various non material amendments ref PAP/2019/0118 & PAP/2018/0579

PAP/2020/0165 Variation of condition ref. PAP/2018/0579 relating toboundary treatment etc.

Valid Date 04/05/2020

 Various objections by councillors 

No  objections

No objections

 No current objections 0102

No objections

No  objections

 No objections

No objectione

PendingGranted (FAPG) 26/03/2018 



Approed (ARMG) 16/11/2018

Approved  09/11/2018(DETG)

Approved 9/11/2018(DETG)

Approved 08/04/2019

Approved 08/04/2019

Approved (FAPG) 05/12/2019


Approved (FAPG) 18/06/2020

   Mr J Holcroft (The Gables) 1 Birmingham Road Ansley Village CV10 9PS

 PAP/2018/0108   Appllication to erect a 2 bedroom property and remove the hedgerow

Valid Date 22/02/2018

 No objections

 Granted (FAPG) 19/04/2018

PAP/2017/0178 granted outline permission for a 3 bedroom property

   Mr E Hatton Green Lane Cottage, Green Lane, Birchley Heath, CV10 0QX

 PAP/2017/0614 Certificate of lawfulness for single storeyextensions to the side and two storey extension to rear

Valid Date 20/11/2017

 No  objections  Granted (LAWISS) 18/01/2018
   Mr Gary Thorn,The Old Shool,Nuneaton Road , Ansley CV10 0QR

 PAP/2017/0524  Application for change of  use of land to the west of the propery to store and sell vehicles.

Date submitted 26/09/2017

 No objections Granted (FAPG) 06/03/2018
  Mr Hill  3 Nuthurst Crescent Ansley Village CV10 9PJ

 PAP/2017/0540  Application for a garage conversion & front extension below existing roof line 

Submitted 04/10/2017

 no objecctions  Granted  (FAPG) 07/11/2017
   Mr R Barrs, Littlebrook Farm, Birmingham Road Ansley CV109PU

 PAP/2017/0520   Application      erect a single storey extension and retention of alterations

Submitted 21/09/2017 

 No objections  Granted (FAPG) 20/10/2017

 Mrs Emma English

5 Limes coppice, Ansley common CV10 0Ut

 PAP/2017/0469  Work to trees subject to a TPO

Submitted 23/08/2017

  No objections Withdrawn (10/10/2017) 
   Mr S Cheshire, Common Farm, Ansley Common, CV10 0QL 

 PAP/2017/0449  Conversion of calf house to single dwelling

Submitted 16/08/2017

 No  objections  Granted (FAPG) 16/10/2017
   Mr Puccio 2 The Hayloft Ansley Hall Coleshill Rd.' Ansley CV10 0QG

 PAP/2017/0293  Listed building consent to instal new boiler. brick up old external flue and install new vertical flue.

Submitted 31/05/2017

 no objectiions  LBCG Granted 27/07/2017

Mr & Mrs McIntyre

The Rookery Birchley Heath Road Birchley CV10 0QX

 PAP/2017/0318 Certificate of lawfulness to retain separate dwelling

Submitted 14/06/2017

 No objections  LAWISS Granted 28/07/2017
    Mr Jolley Land adjacent to Spinney Garth Coleshill mroad Ansley Common

 PAP/2017/0372    Outline application forn the erection of 4 dwellings with associated access and layout

Submitted 10/07/2017

PAP/2016/0546 Outline planning application to erect 2 dwelling and associated acces and layout

 No objections

No objections

 Approved  (OAPG) 05/10/2017

Approved (OAPG) 18/06/2016


 Mr R C Muller

Land East of St Lawrence Road Ansley

PAP/2017/0352 Outline application for up to 70 dwellings with detailed access, layout, scale, appearance and landscaping as reserved matters

Submitted 05/07/2017

PAP/2018/0049 Outline application  for the erection of up to 70 dwellingsw with deteails of access, layout, scale appearance & landscaaping as reserved matters

Submitted 22/01/2018

Variouss objections

REJECTED (OAPG REF) 13/10/2017

 PAP/2018/0049 has been withdrawn 03/10/2018


Mr N Sherwood, SherwoodRise, Ansley common, Ansley CV10 0PX

MIA/2017/0006  non material amendment to PAP2011/0089

Submitted 18/04/2017 

 No objections  Granted(FAPG) 16/05/2017
    Mr J Holcroft The Gables 1 Birmingham road Ansley CV109PS

 PAP/2017/0178  Outline application fror erection of a 3 bedroom property

Submitted 07/04/2017

 no objections
Granted (OAPG)  13/06/2017

 Mr & Mrs Bacon Riding

Hoar Park garden and craft centre , Nuneaton road Ansley CV100QU

 PAP/2017/0180   Certificate of lawfulness for existing use for change of use on 1st floor from retail to residential

Submitted 10/04/2017

 No objecftions Granted (LAWISS) 05/05/2017 
   Mr S Byrne 10 Nuthurst Crescent ansley CV10 9PJ  PAP/2017/0173   Permission to erect a 2 storey side extension  No objections  Granted (FAPG)
   Mr J Green Springfield Farm, Nuneaton Road, Ansley CV10 0QU 

 PAP/2017/0310  Erection of a farm office

Submitted 13/06/2017

 No  objections  Granted (FAPG) 06/09/2017
   Mrs K Palmer 12 Ansley Hall, Coleshill Road Ansley

 PAP/2017/0139   Listed building consent for Velux window in bathroom

Submitted 20/03/2017

no objections  Granted (LBCG) 11/05/2017
   Mr P Griffiths 35-39 Birmingham Road Ansley Village, CV10  9PS

 PAP/2017/0185    Permission to erect a single storey front extension and a double garag

Submitted 11/04/2017 

 No objections  Granted (FAPG) 08/06/2017
   Mr David Barrs  Land to the rear of 148/164 Birmingfham Road Anslry Village CV10 9 PQ

 PAP/2017/0151   Request change of use from agricultural to equestrian. the erection of stableblock,tack room, manure dump and hardstanding

Submitted 28/03/2017

DOC/2019/0115 Approval of details required by condition 3 of PAP/2017/0151 of 21/07/2017

Valid date 05/12/2019

 no objections

No objections 

 Granted (FAPG)_ 21/07/2017

Approved (DETG) 26/02/2020


 Mr David Barrs  Former Ansley social Club 144 Birmingham Road, ansley Village CV10  9PQ 

 PAP/2017/0150    Outline application ( all matters reserved)to demolish the former social cluband dwelling and erect up to 10 dwellings along with associatedparking and infrastructure.


PAP/2017/ 0683 Variation of condition 5ref PAP/2017/0150 relating to 2 storey dwellings in respect of the outline application ( al matters reserved)in respect of demolition of club and dwelling & the erection of up to 10 dweelingsalong with associated open space and drainage infrastructure ( condition 5 relates to number and heightb of proposed dwellings )

Submitted 19/12/20173

 No objections rference made to bungalows and preservation of footpath

No  objections

 Approved (FAPG) 04/10/2017

(AVCG) 24/01/2018

   Mr A Carnell, 216 Arley Lane Ansley

PAP/2017/0132 Proposal to obtain a certificate of lawfullness for existing use as garden 

Submitted 15/03/2017

PAP/2017/0235   Retention of detached garage

Submitted 07/04/2017

 No  objections

no  objections

Granted(LAWISS)  04/05/2017

Granted (FAPG) 20/06/2017

   Mr D Terry Redhouse Farm, Nuneaton Road, Ansley, CV10 0QU 

PAP/2016/0616  Erection of an agricultural building

Submitted 26/10/2016

 No objections  Granted (DETNODET) 24/11/2016 
   Mr D Hands, 125 Birmingham Road, Ansley Village, CV109PL

 PAP/2016/0606  Convert front garden to drive for disabled access

Submitted 21/10/2016

No objections 

 Granted (FAPG)


   Mr S Cheshire, The Barn, Common Farm, Ansley Common, CV10 0QL 

 PAP/2016/0565 Erection of stable block and associated storage

Submitted 30/09/2016


SUBMITTED 25/01/2017 ref conditions 2,3 4

 No objections

Granted (FAPG) 22/12/2016

Granted (FAPG)


 Mrs Magda Jagielska 34 Bretts Hall Estate,Ansley Common CV10 0PN

 PAP/2016/0545  Erect a single storey conservatory Max height 4 metres, Maximum to eaves 2.8 metres, extending 4 metres beyond rear wall of original dwelling

Submitted 20/09/2016

 No  objections Granted  (DETNODET) 10/11/2016) 

 LPC (Trulli)

Croft Mead Business Centre, Croft Mead, Ansley

PAP/2016/0519 Re develop to accomodate 10 dwellings Revised layout submitted for approval

Submitted 06/09/2016

 No objections if neighbourhood notification procedure is adhered to  Pending

 Mr J Sallis,

8 Ansley Common, Nuneaton, CV10 0QD 

 PAP/2016/0473 Single storey rear extension and new roof to existing garage.

Submitted 16/08/2016

 No objections Granted (FAPG) 26/09/2016 

 J W Morley

Hood Lane Farm

 PAP/2016/0357- Listed building consent for application PAP/2016/0354

Submitted 17/06/2016

DOC/2017/0003   approval ofcondition 4 ref above

Submitted 06/01/2017

 No objections

 Granted(LBCG) 21/11/2016

Granted(FAPG) 17/01/2018


 J W Morley

Hood Lane Farm

 PAP/2016/0356 - listed building consent for application PAP/2016/0355

Submitted 17/06/2016

DOC/2017/0005 approval of condition3 ref above

Submitted 6/01/2017

 No objections

Granted (LBCG) 23/11/

Granted (FAPG) 17/01/2018


 J W Morley

Hood Lane Farm

 PAP/2016/0355 - Demolition of Barn, infill links, uutility shower room and creation of new access from Ansley Lane and closure of existing access

Submitted 17/06/2016

DOC/2017/0004approval of condition 4 ref above

Submitted 21/11/2016

 No objections on condition that current access definately blocked due to Highways safety concerns. 

 Granted (FAPG) 23/11/2016

Granted 22/08/2018


 J W Morley

Hood Lane Farm

 PAP/2016/0354 - Removal of Porch and replacement with conservatory

Submitted 17/06/2016

DOC/2017/0002 approval of condition4 ref  above

Submitted 12/01/2017

 No objections

Granted (FAPG) 22/11/2016

Granted  (FAPG) 17/0-1/2018


Pegasus Group

 Land to rear of 145 Coleshill Roa,d Ansley Common CV10 0PG

 PAP/2016/0199 Erection of 76 residential dwellings with proposed new vehicular access, landscaping and other associated infrastructure works

Re submitted modified

Submitted 08/04/2016

 Objection, not in line with core strategy ref house numbers  Granted (FAPG) 30/03/2017
   Mr A  Green, Springfield  Farm,Nuneaton Rd. Ansley CV10 0QU

 PAP/2016/0135  Extension to existing agricultural building for straw and agriculturalm machinery

Submitted 04/03/2016

 No objections

Condition to use for applied use

 Granted (FAPG) 22/04/2016
   Mrm Jack Frost 150 Coleshill Road Chapel End CV10 0PF

 PAP/2016/0058  Application to erect 2No. dweiings to the side and rear of 150 Coleshill Road

Submitted 26/02/2016

 No  objectios Granted (FAPG) 17/05/2016 
   Mr Andrew Down, 1 Park Cottages, Coleshill Road, Ansley CV10 0PQ

 PAP/2016/0074  Application for the erection of a single storey side extension

Submitted 04/02/2016

 No  objections if within 30% rule Granted (FAPG) 04/03/2016
   Damson Homes (Mr Parimal Tanna) ref The Paddock Village Farm, Birmingham Road Ansley Village CV10 9PS

 PAP/2015/0712 Approval of reswerved matters, access, appearance, layout and scale relating

Submitted 03/12/2015

DOC/2016/0020 Approval of conditions 1 & 2 ref above application

Submitted 01/03/2016

 Objections re alignment with core strategy  & site allocations

No  objections

Approval of reserved matters granted (ARMG) 05/02/2016Approved

Approved( FAPG) 02/11/2016

   Mr A Carnell, 216 Arley Lane, Ansley, CV109PH

 PAP/2015/0715  Erection of Garage/ workshop

Submitted 20/11/2015 

 Objections re regularising current business on site prior to proceeding with this application WITHDRAWN (NOT VIABLE) 18/01/2016
   A R Cartwright, Rear of United Reform Churh, Birmingham road ,Ansley 

 PAP/2015/0692  Erection of 34 dwellings and access onto Birmingham Road and associated infrastructure.

Submitted 17/11/2015


DOC/2017/0119 ref above and conditions imposed

Submitted 05/01/2017

PAP/2016/0738  Implementation of phaase 2 ref erection of 15 dwellings

Submitted 04/01/2017

MIA/2017/0030 Non material amendments to PAP/2016/0692 of 18/10/2016 for amended plans 

MIA/2018/0019 non marterial minor amendment for house types   ref pap/2015/0692 

MIA/2018/002 non material minor amendments to house types 

DOC/2018/0074  Approval of details reuired by conditions3,4,5,6,7,8 of PAP/2016/0738 dated 09/11/2017 valid date 5/10/2018

D|OC/2018/0075 Approval of details required by condition 7 of PAP/2015/0692 0f  18/11/2016valid date 5/10/2018


Permission to vary condition 2 of PAP/2015/0692 ref. approved plans

Valid date 02/07/2019

 Objections re core strategy and site allocations

No  objections

No objections

No  objections

No objections

No objections

No current objections

 Granted (FAPG) 128/11/2016

Granted FAPG) 24/01/2018

Granted d (FAPG) 9/11/2017

Granted (FAPG)  19/09/2017

Granted (15/05/2018 ( FAPG)

GranApproved 24/10/2018ted 15/05/2018 (FAPG)

0075 approved 24/10/1028

0074 approved 16/12/2018


   Mr C Shaw 52 St Lawrence Rd., Ansley Village, Nuneaton  CV10 9PW

 PAP/2015/0563   Application for the erection of a single storey rear extension, extending 3.5 metres from rear wall

Submitted 20/10/2015 

 Unable to object permitted development

 Granted (DETNODET) 18/11/2015

   Mr J Price, Spinney Garth, Ansley common,Warwickshire, CV100PX

 PAP/2015/0546 Outline planning to erect 4 dwellings and a new access

Plans revised. 2houses now instead of 4 otherwise exactly the same.

Submitted 11/11/2015

Current objections.

REF. visual splay

Development oundary

 Granted (OAPG) 28/06/2016
   Mrs Karen Palmer, Ansley Hall, Coleshill Road, Ansley CV10 0QG

 PAP/2015/0641 Listed building consent for the installation of a log burner

Submitted 26/10/2015

 No objections Granted (LBCG) 26/11/2015
   Mr & Mrs G. Thorn  Arc School, Nuneaton Road, Ansley CV10 0QR

 PAP/2015/0650   Change of use from school to dwelling house

Submitted 22/10/2015

 No objections  Granted (FAPG) 19/11/2015
   Ms E Charles 41 Birmingham Road, Ansley Village, CV10 9PS 

 PAP/2015/0576  Erection of a two storey rear extension.

Submitted 09/09/2015

MIA/2015/0041  Non material amendment to fit a new door

Submitted 21/12/2015

 No objections

 Granted (FAPG) 14/10/2015

Granted 05/01/2016


 Mr Suffolk Whitegates Galley Common 

 PAP/2015/0494  Erection of 2 No. semi detached dwellings to rear of 53 St Lawrence road, Ansley, CV10 9pw

Submitted 30/07/2015

 No objections Granted (FAPG) 22/10/2015

 Mr Charles Goadby,Church Farm, Church End, AnsleyCV10 9QR

 PAP/2015 0380    Erection of a cattle building


PAP/2015/0565 Extension to cattle building previously approved via application above.

Submitted 03/09/15.

 No objections

No objections

Granted (FAPG) 27/07/2015 

Granted (FAPG) 8/10/2015


 Mr C R Muller,Parkwood Consultancy Services

Mr Charles Robinson

PAP /2015/0370 Development of up to 79 dwellings with vehicle access onto Tunnel road. Outline planning application, Access only to be considered now with layout, scale, appearance & landscaping as reserved matters


 Numerous objections

Refused FAPREF 11/11/2015

Approved by secretary of state after review


 MK B Lewis, 2 Arley Lane, Ansley CV10 9PH

 PAP/2015/0362 Demolition of existing house and construction of a new house  & detached garage with new access


 no objections Granted (FAPG) 23/07/2015
   Mr Wooliscroft, Nursery farm house, Ansley Common,CV100PY

 PAP/2015/0308 Demolition of 2 redundant barns and erection of 2 dwellings with associated parking & garages.

Submitted 18/05/2015

PAP//2017/0142   submitted by Mr Malkin to amend house type

 Comments made re assurances that neighbours still have access and also regarding privacy

No current objections

Granted (FAPG) 10/07/2015

Granted (FAPG) 11/05/2017

   Mrs Hazel Mason c/o Village Farm, Birmingham Road, Ansley Village CV109PS 

 PAP/2015/0197 Outline planning application for the erection of 9 dwellings with all matters reserved  Submitted 28/04/2015

PAP/2015/0712  see Damson homes

 No objections however comments were made re emerging plan regarding housing allocations Granted (OPPG) 04/06/2015
   Mr Tony Willdig 281 Birmingham Road, Ansley Village, CV109PG

 PAP/2015/0234 turning area. Submitted Single storey rear residential annexe with associated parking turning areaSubmitted23/04/2015


Demolition of side conservatory and rear lobby. erection of a single storey  side extension with pitched roof.

 No objections, however conditions considered to be as per last planning application refufsal

 No objections

 Refused 18/06/2015

Granted (FAPGH) 18/11/2015

   Mr Andrew Green 45 Ansley Common, Nuneaton, CV100PP

 DOC/2015/0012(PAP/2012/0478) Approval of details re condition 7,8,9 and 10 of previous application regarding materials, fencing drainage and tiles. Submitted 10/03/2015

DOC/2015/0062 Re condition 6 regarding site investigation

Submitted 24/09/2015

 No  objections

No  objections

 Granted (FAPG) 27/04/2015

Granted (FAPG) 09/02/2016 

   Mr. KS & SS. Dosangh, Slacks Farm, Pipers Lane, Ansley CV100RH   PAP/2014/0646 Conversion of two agricultural buildings to two residential dwellings. Submitted under general permitted development Submitted 19/12/2014  No current objections. Reference made to bat survey  Accepted (DETNODET) 12/02/2015
   Mr Ashfed Ahmed, 1 Well Cottage, Coleshill Road, Ansley, CV100qp 

 PAP/2014/0465 Endangered falcon breeding facility with 30 imprint and 20 natural pairs  (breeding) & flight pen with planting of new conifer trees and landscaping.  Submitted 28/10/2014

PAP/2015/0281 submitted to vary condition 2 of the previous planning application above .Submitted 05/05/2015

Amended  plans submitted ref. the resiting of flight pen

PAP/2016/0500 Variation of condition2 relating to need for a brooder and incubator roomand 24 hour staff presence during breeding seasonin respect of endangered falconbreeding facility with 30 imprint bards and 20 natural pairs and flight pen with planting of new conifer trees and landscaping

Submitted 22/08/2016

 Innapropriate development in green belt. Submit to planning board (not in green belt)

Considered a caravan was unnecessary

Granted (FAPG) 05/12/2014

Granted (AVCG) 17/06/2015

Granted  (AVCG) 15/11/2016

  Mr Adrian Biddle, 193 B'ham Rd., Ansley CV10 9PQ PAP/2014/0392 Single Storey side extension to form dining room and WC. Submitted 28/07/2014 No  objections Granted (FAPG) 04/09/2014
  Louise Mututa, 1 The Old Stable, Ansley Hall, Coleshill Rd., Ansley CV10 0QG PAP/2014/0394 Listed building consent for the installation of new boiler and flue. Submitted 28/07/2014 No objections Granted (FAPG) 04/09/2014
  Louise Mututa, 1 The Old Stable, Ansley Hall, Coleshill Rd., Ansley CV10 0QG PAP/2014/0393 Installation of new boiler with flue. Submitted 28/07/2014 No objections Granted (LBCG) 04/09/2014
   Mr & Mrs John Berth-Jones, The Beeches, Church End Ansley CV10 0QY   PAP/2014/0375  Single storey side extension & front double garage.  Submitted 15/07/2014  No objectios Granted (FAPG) 27/08/2014

 Mrs Tracey Naughton, Hood Lane Cottage, Ansley Lane, ansley CV10 9ND

 PAP/2014/0318  Front two storey extension, andrear ground and first floor extension, including minor alterationsand change of use.  Submitted 04/07/2014 Objections re 30% rule, 45 deg angle, no desgn and access statement. Granted (FAPG) 20/08/2014 
   Mr Tony Willdig, 281 B'ham Rd., Ansley Village CV10 9PG

 PAP/2014/0284 Erection of a one bedroom bungalow with associated access and parking. Submitted 04/06/2014

 No objections Refused (FAPREF)14/08/2014 
   Mr Andrew Green, Springfield Fram Nuneaton Rd., Ansley

 PAP/2014/0281 Demolition of aformer poultry shed (B2) use and thye erection of a replacement building (B2) use. Submitted date 04/06/2014

 No objections Granted (FAPG) 22/07/2014
   David Barrs, Littlebrook Farm, Ansley, CV10 9PU

 PAP/2014/0316 Erection of a replacement dwelling.  Submitted 04/06/2014 Revised plans submitted  to include basement DOC/2014/0066. Approval for bricks and tiles as per condition 3 Submitted 26/09/2014

DOC/2015/0033 approval of details required by condition 5 of PAP/2014/0316 above relating to dmolition of little brook farm, site foundation and waste material removal

Submitted 18/05/2015

Objections. Inappropriate development in green belt . Non conform ENV3 policy

Comments made that no actual evdence was given regarding waste material removal

Granted (FAPG) 09/09/2014

DOC granted (FAPG) 06/10/2014 

Granted (FAPG) 12/08/2015


 Mr Richard Mason,28 Birminghan Road, Ansley Village, Nuneaton,CV10 9PS 

 PAP/2014/0188  First floor extension.  Submitted 14/04/2014  No objections providing all technical provisions are adhered to. ie 30% rule, development boundary, green belt.  Granted (FAPG) 25/07/2014
   Mr Bob Dosanjh, Slacks Farm, Pipers Lane, ansley CV100RH  PAP/2014/0098  Erection of a dwelling with associated detached garage and new vehicle access. Submitted 01/04/2014  No objections Granted (FAPG) 04/07/2014 
   David Barrs , Little Brook Farm, Ansley CV10 9PU  PAP/2014/0130 Certificate of lawfulness for existing use of land as residential cutilage. Submitted 17/03/2014  Observations made and letter to be sent to NWBC  Granted (LAWISS) 29/04/2014
   Severn Trent Water Ltd. Access track Birchley Heath Rd., Nuneaton, CV10 0QY   NWB/14CM008  Resurfaing and widening of access track to sewage pumping station. Submitted 03/03/2014  No objections Granted
   Mr Paul Robinson 6 Limes Coppice, Ansley Common CV10 0UT  PAP/2014/0006 Work to tree protected by a TPO. Submitted 07/01/2014  No objections refer to tree surgeon  Refused (TPOREF) 28/02/2014
   Mr & Mrs I Gough, Limecroft, Ansley Lane, Ansley, Nuneaton CV100QR   PAP/2014/0073. Erection of Garage. Submitted 13/02/2014. Objections submitted by Parish Council  Granted (FAPG 08/04/2014)
   Mr James Morris 275 Birmingham Rd Ansley CV10 9PG  PAP/2014/0039 Erection of a 2 storey side and a single storey rear extension. Submitted 22/01/2014.  No objections (Ref made regarding 30% rule on volume. Clerk to clarify) Granted (FAPG) 25/02/2014
  Mr George Bell, Land East of Woodside House, Moorwood Lane, Hartshill 

PAP/2013/0525 Erection of 6 detached residential houses.

PAP/2014/0400 As above with alterations

No objections by Ansley Parish Council but objections from Hartshill Parish Council and other objectors.

(Refused FAPREF) 03/02/2014


  Kedelston UK Ltd. on behalf of The Arc School, Ansley Lane, Ansley, Warwickshire. PAP/2013/0583  Siting of a new external storage unit No objections Granted (FAPG) 30/01/2014
  Mr. A Willdig 281 Birmingham Road, Ansley Village, CV109PG  

PAP/2013/0517 Erection of a bungalow at the rear of 281 Birmingham Road Ansley. Village.Plans revised.Reduced to 1 bedroom and a revised parking set up for 281 B,ham Rd. Ref.PAP/2013/0241 refused.

Ref made to green belt. Reversing onto B4112.

 Concerns re Green Belt and affordability.

 Refused (FAPREF) 24/12/2013
  Mrs. Jane Sands For Ansley Parish Council PAP/2013/0529  Erection of 1 x 2 bay cantilever bus shelter outside 191 Birmingham Road Ansley & 1 x 3 bay cantilever bus shelter opposite 215 Birmingham Road Ansley Revised submission PAP/2014/0352 modified to include side panels. Submitted 08/07/2014 No  objections

Granted (FAPG) 18/12/2013

Granted (AVCG) 08/08/2014

  Mr & Mrs Oliver Ox Hayes farm, Coleshill Road, Ansley CV100QW PAP/2013/0510 Retention & renovation and change of use of existing agricultural shed building into part storage and part carpentry workshop. No objections  Granted (FAPG) 07/03/2014
  Mr & Mrs Matharu  43 Ansley common, Nuneaton, CV100PP PAP/2013/0391  First floor side extension. Revised plans submitted. No objections to intial or revised plans Granted (FAPG) 18/11/2013
  Mrs Ross 1 Malthouse Close, Ansley CV109PR  PAP/2013/0441  External wall insulation to property No objections Granted (FAPG) 07/10/2013
  Mrs. Jane Sands, For Ansley Parish Council.  PAP/2013/0369 Erection of 2 bus shelters 1 adjacent to 64 Birmingham Road Ansley Village and 1 adjacent to 93 Birmingham Road Ansley Village Objection from the resident of 64a Birmingham road.  Granted (FAPG) 23/09/2013
  Mr Richard John Terry, Birchley Farm Birchley Heath, Ansley CV100QY PAP/2013/0363 Erection of agricultural building for storage of grain No objections Granted(DETNODET) 28/08/2013

Mrs Pina Nucci, 98 Birmingham Rd., Ansley Village, cv109pl

PAP/2013/0354.Balustrade to rear flat roof extension with access from first floor. No objections except to ask if there is a view at neighbouring properties, also is the flat roof strong enough to support structure?. Granted (FAPG) 14/08/2013

Mr. & Mrs Oliver,Ox Hayes Farm Coleshill Road, Ansley Common,CV10 0QW

PAP/2013/0291 Extension to and renovation ofexisting farm house including change of use of Barn A into residential use.  No objections Granted (FAPG) 16/08/2013
  Mr Charles Goadby, Manor Farm, Church End Ansley CV10 0QR PAP/2013/0265 Hedgerow removal for a short section of hedge in the middle of a field.  No objections Granted (HRCP) 17/07/2013
  Mr Charles Goadby, Manor Farm, Church End Ansley CV10 0QR  PAP/2013/0264 Hedgerow removal to amalgamate into a field.  No objections Granted (HRCP) 17/07/2013
  Mr Charles Goadby, Manor Farm, Church End, Ansley CV10 0QR PAP/2013/0262 Erection of a cattle rearing shed in replacement of hardstanding area which contains small individual plastic hutches used to rear calves.  No objections Granted (FAPG) 31/07/2013
  Mr A. Willdig 281 Birmingham Road, Ansley Village, Nuneaton CV109PG PAP/2013/0241 Erection of a new style Park Home on land adjacent to 281 Birmingham Road Inappropriate development , not in keeping with village environment Refused (FAPREF) 18/07/2013

Mr Marcus Sutton,Manor House Farm, Coleshill Rd., Ansley, CV10 0PQ

PAP/2013/0170 Enlargement of existing dressage area ( Menage) from practise size ( 20 x 40 metres ) to standard or competition size ( 20 x 60 metres ) No objections Granted (FAPG) 30/04/2013.
  Mr Charles Goadby, Manor Farm, Church End, Ansley CV10 0QR PAP/2013/0155 Hedgerow removal of small field to make a larger field No objections. Refused (HRREF) 07/05/2013
  Mrs. Camilla Harmston,Magnolia House, Wyatts Way , Ansley CV10 9PY PAP/2013/0146 Certificate of lawfullness required for use of land as garden land No objections Granted (LAWISS) 29/04/2013
  Mr & Mrs Peter Morewood,Birchley Farm, Birchley Heath Road,Ansley,Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 0QY  PAP/2013/0084  Side/Rear two storey extension to provide additional accomodationto be used in conjunctionwith farmhouse No objections Granted (FAPG) 01/05/2013

Mr John Lea, Hoar Park Craft Centre, Nuneaton Road Ansley, Warwickshire

PAP/2013/0064 Display of signage No objections. Observations made re visual splay and the fact that current signage is on the highway and did the new sign replace all other signs. Granted (ADVCON) 28/03/2013
  Mr Mark Ball (Southernwood) 3 B,ham Rd. Ansley, Nuneaton CV109PS  MIA/2013/0001 Omit pitched roof to utility room,wc & kitchen. Increase height by 200mm  Ref . PAP/2010/0306 dated 24/7/2012 No objections Granted (FAPG) 08/02/2013

Mr M E Leedham,Kenanne, Ansley Common,Nuneaton, CV10OQD

PAP/2012/0597 Formation of vehicle access No objections Granted (FAPG) 08/02/2013
  Mr. & Mrs. Ian Gough, Lime Croft, Ansley Lane, Ansley CV10OQR

PAP/2012/0467 Extension to outbuildings for ancilliary use


Observations made to the fact that it could be an inappropriate development and also the volume maybe over the 30% rule. The property is in the green belt. Refused  (FAPREF)  30/11/2012.
  Mr Andrew Green, 45 Ansley Common, Nuneaton CV10OPP

PAP/2012/0478 Demolition of industrial premises and the erection of 2 semi-detached dwellings.( Revised plans ref. bedroom windows.)

DOC/2013/0002 ref  condition 7 of above application regarding bricks, roof tiles and surface material

No objections. 

Granted (FAPG) 26/11/2012.

Granted (FAPG) 30/01/2013


Alethea Wilson (for NWBC), Bretts Hall Recreation Ground,Bretts Hall Estate, Ansley Common   

PAP/2012/0414 Variation of condition 2 of PAP/2012/0051relating to the relocation0f CCTV camera & installation of electric feeder pillar for electricity to thje column.

No objections Granted (AVCG) 11/09/2012
  Mrs Griffiths 35-39 Birmingham Road, Ansley CV109ps PAP/2012/0411 Extension to kitchen and garageAlso erection ofutility room No objections Comments made ref. 45 degree rule Granted(FAPG) 25/09/2012

Mr & Mrs Nucci,98Birmingham Road, Ansley Village,Nuneaton CV109pl

PAP/2012/0367 Front and rear single storey extension plus s side/rear conservatory and car parking and turning area No objections Granted (FAPG) 13/09/2012

Mr.D Roberts 64a Birmingham Road, Ansley Village , Nuneaton CV109ps

 PAP/2012/0337 Single storey rear extension

 No objections  Granted (FAPG) 10/09/2012
  Mrs. Zoe Molloy 50 Ansley Common, CV10 0qd PAP/2012 0308 single storey extensionto rear for conservatory and shower room & alterations to front for a porch & bay window. No objections Granted(FAPG)25/07/2012
  Mr. Mark Ball 3 Birmingham Rd.,AnsleyCV10 9ps PAP/2012/0306 Side extension and pitched roofs. No objections. Granted (FAPG)24/07/2012

Mr Clive Richards, 49Birchley Heath Rd.,AnsleyCV10 0qy

 PAP/2012/0278 New Vehicle Access No objections.

 Refused (FAPREF) 14/08/2012. Appeal registered APP/R3705/D/12/2181791

  Mr. Craig Sperrin,Lord Nelson Inn, Birmingham Rd., Ansley Village. PAP/2012/0246. Erection of a cold beer cask store. No objectios, but comments were made re cooling unit. Granted (FAPG)02/07/2012
  Mr. Abell, 42 Bretts Hall Estate, Ansley Common PAP/2012/0180. Conversion of a 4 bedroomed house into 2 off 2 bedroomed flats and a porch to the front. No objections. Granted (FAPG) 30/05/2012.
   Mr. & Mrs E.Nucci ,98 Birmingham Rd., Ansley Village,  CV109pl.

 PAP/2012/0114 Single front and rear extension and side parking/turning area.

MIA/2012/0015 No material amendment to remove rear entrance door & reposition to the side.

 No objections.

 Granted (FAPG) 18/04/2012. PAP/2012/0114

Granted(FAPG) 09/08/2012MIA/2012/0015


 Mrs. Sally Obrey,54 Nuthurst Crescent, Ansley Village, CV109pj.

 PAP/2012/0096 Single storey rear extension. No objections.  Granted (FAPG)16/04/2012.
   Mr. Craig Sperrin, Lord Nelson Inn, Birmingham Rd., Ansley Village.  PAP/2012/0077 Retrospective application for extension to the Malt shed.  No objections.  Granted (FAPG) 27/03/2012.
   Mr. Marcus Sutton, Manor House Farm, Coleshill Rd., Ansley    PAP/2012/0082 Variation of Condition 13 of PAP/2009/0385 relating to the non importing and exporting of material to the site after 20/02/2012 in respect of the formation of 2 fishing pools for private use.  Objection raised regarding to none conformance with the current conditions laid down on PAP/2009/0385.


No fill material to be imported or exported from the site after 30/11/2012

  Alethea Wilson for (NWBC) Bretts Hall Recreation Ground, Bretts Hall Estate, Ansley Common. PAP/2012/0051  Install 8 metre high column for C.C.T.V. camera and installation of feeder pillar for connection of electricity to column. No objections. Granted (FAPG) 20/03/2012.
  Mr D Thomas, 1 Well Cottages, Coleshill Rd., Ansley.   PAP/2012/0050 Two storey extrension to side,reconstruction of existing conservatory and pitched roof to existing rear dormer window. Amended plans and an amended description received by NWBC. No objections. Comments made ref. 30% rule and neighbourhood notifications.  Granted (FAPG) 08/03/2012.
    Mrs. Jane Sands for Ansley Prish Council, Birchley Heath Recreation Ground, Birchley Heath Road.  PAP/2012/0041 Improvement to hardstanding with dropped kerbs as required.  No objections.  Granted (FAPG) 16/03/2012. Certain conditions apply.
   Mr & Mrs Andy & C M Walker & Ward. 66 Birmingham Rd. Ansley CV109ps  PAP/2011/0658 Double storey rear extension and alterations.  No objections.  Granted (FAPG) 14/02/2012
   Mr. Peter Raynor, 43 Birchley Heath Road ,Birchley Heath.  PAP/2011/0652  2 storey extension to rear and single storey extension to side with canopy to front.  No objections. Reference made to the 30% rule and neighbourhood notifications.   Granted (FAPG) 02/02/2012.

Mr Charles Goadby,Church Farm,Ansley

PAP/2011/0650 Extension of farm machinery storage building

NOTE Amended plans submitted 26/01/2012 ref 391246.DOC

Ojection on grounds of drainage and flooding issues in vicinity. Dwarfing of adjacent properties. Construction materials do no provide an effective noise barrier, suggest rebuilt in brick.  Granted(FAPG) 10/02/2012.  To be built strictly in accordance with submitted plans received 20/01/2012 and drainage plan reeived 13/12/2011. Not to be used for anything other than storage. Not grain drying, potato sorting or keeping livestock. This is to protect adjacent properties. 
   Executors of Mrs Hilda Morris, 1 Fletchers Drift Lane,ref.31 Plough Hill Road,Chapel end CV10 OPJ

 PAP/2011/0527 Outline planning application for proposed residential development of 7, 5 bed detached houses with detached garage to Plot 1. Terrace of 4, 2 bed houses. New access from Fletchers Drift Lane. 

PAP/2015/0699      Variation of cnditions 4 & 12 ref PAP/2011/0527

 No objections.

No current objections

(OAPG) granted 06/11/2013

Granted  (12/09/2016)

   Mr Clint Parker (Forestry) Limes Coppice and Coleshill Road, Ansley Common.  PAP/2011/0475 Work to trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order.  No objections.  Granted (TPOG) 18/11/2011.
   Mr Richard Terry,Red House Farm,Nuneaton Rd., Ansley, CV100QU.  PAP/2011/0418  Change of use to add B2 & B8 use to a building which already benefits from B1  use.    No objections.  Granted (FAPG) 06/10/2011.
   Mr. D Goadby & Sons,Manor Farm,Church End, Ansley,CV100QR.  PAP/2011/0305 Extension to existing cattle shed.  No objections.  Granted (FAPG) 06/10/2011.
  Mr Paul Taylor 3 Limes Coppice, Ansley Common, CV100UT.  PAP/2011/0428 Remove bay window, extend ouside the building line and install new window. No objections.  Granted (FAPG) 06/10/2011.
  Mr & Mrs Berth-Jones The Beeches, Church End, Ansley.  PAP/2011/0363 Single Story front and Side extensions. No objections.

 Granted (FAPG) 05/09/2011.

   Mr A Green, Springfield Farm, Nuneaton Rd, Ansley.   PAP/2011/0290 Agricultural determination for the construction of a grain storage building.  No objections.

 Granted (DETNODET)13/07/2011.


 Mr & Mrs Ian Gough, Lime Croft, Church End, Ansley.

PAP/2011/0291 Application for roof alterations and two dormer windows to front.  No objections.  Granted (FAPG)14/07/2011.

 `Mr I A Jones, 51 Ansley Common.

1PAP/2011/0182  Application to convert house into 2 flats  No objections.  Granted.

 Mr Marcus Sutton, Manor House Farm, Ansley.

 DOC/2010/0089 Application to discharge condition No. 12 of application PAP/2009/0385 (18/05/2010) regarding the importation of soil.  N/A.  Granted.
Mr Bob Dosanjh,Slacks Farm, Pipers Lane.

 MIA/2011/0005 Non material amendment to add 1 window to side elevation and 4 rooflights to rear elevation ref. PAP/2010/04552 (Oct 2010).

  Miss Clare Allton, Willow Lodge, Pipers Lane, Ansley.  

 PAP/2011/0078 Single Storey extension with a double pitched roof.

 No objection.  Application approved 25/05/2011.
  Mancetter Quarry. APP/H3700/A/11/2147480 Notification of appeal re: refusal to work on Saturday and Sundays.  No objection. Extension of wekend working allowed on appeal to inspectorate.
  Mr Goadby Manor Farm Church End Ansley.  PAP/2011/0121 Agricultural determination application for farm track.   No objection, comments made ref. materials and access to and from site.  Application approved.
  Mr & Mrs Sherwood, Sherwood Rise, Ansley Common.  PAP/2011/0089 Erection of rear detached garage.  No objection, however due to the base being constructed prior to the plannig application, building control are requested to ensure the construction conforms to the building regulations.  Application approved.
  Mr Wooliscroft, Nursery Barn Farm,Ansley Common.   PAP/2010/0642 3 year extension to PAP/2007/0399 re conversion of redundant barns to 2 residential units.    No objection.   Application approved with certain conditions attached.
  K J Frost 150 Coleshill Road.    PAP/2011/0638 Demolition of meat packing business and replacement with 3 dwellings and parking.  No objection.  Application approved with certain conditions attached.

Mr Marcus Sutton Manor House Farm Coleshill Rd.,Ansley

PAP/2010/0429 conversion to office.   Appeal against eforcement notice.Dismissed by inspector for the secretary of State 23/12/2011